Fire Damage

When your home is exposed to serious smoke and fire damage, it really can be impossible to get things totally clean. While numerous professional cleaners will be seeking your business, you may want to know whether you can tackle the task yourself, particularly given the high cost of hiring the pros. Is this something a homeowner can do on their own?

residential_commercial_restoration_fire_smokeYour ability to undertake this type of job depends largely on how serious your smoke damage actually was. Mild damage can be handled on your own, provided you are willing to work. But, more serious degrees of damage will necessitate the use of professional cleaning methods and equipment.

A TSP solution will be essential for anyone wishing to clean their smoke damage themselves. This is simply a commercial-grade cleaner that can be purchased at a local hardware store. Just fill a large bucket with the indicated amount of water and add some TSP and mix. Then, suit up with safety gear before beginning work.

Use a sponge dipped in the mixture and begin wiping areas of smoke damage, using real muscle. Then rinse with a clean rag that has been dipped in fresh water. Repeat as often as necessary in order to get the results you desire.

Should you have rippling, blistering or bubbling on the walls, you may need to sand the surfaces down. If you have some stubborn spots, use a simple putty knife to finish the job. Next, use Spackle to cover any holes or gashes and re-sand the area. Once the walls are fully repainted, you will never be able to tell what happened.

Cases of severe damage will almost certainly require the help of experienced professionals. But, in many instances, you can attempt to perform some restoration tasks yourself. By using professional grade products and a large dose of elbow grease, you might find that you can solve the issue all on your own. Get some additional professional fire damage cleanup tips by visiting

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