Prevent Water Disasters from Plumbing System and Drain Problems

How A Water Damage Company and Plumber Work Together To Keep Your Home Safe

Many people try to save as much money as they can by reducing water consumption. The problem is that you do not immediately see that something is already broken within the plumbing system. In most cases, you will see a spike in your water consumption bill or you will be caught off guard with a big water damage problem. You can prevent this when you know what could damage your plumbing systems and drains.

The most common causes of plumbing systems and drains damage are:

  • Trash, grease, and other substances

Many people are unaware that trash and grease could clog their plumbing systems. Trash and waste materials do not belong in pipes. They will most likely cause clogs and damages. Grease may pass through pipes, but it can clog septic systems or cause sewer backups. Paper, metal, glass, and even hair could also cause blockages.

  • Tree roots

Another cause that may damage plumbing systems is tree roots. Large trees’ roots can get through pipes causing them to get blocked. This is an expensive problem that would require not only a plumber’s service, but a tree company’s service as well.

  • Liquid drain cleaners

People would commonly go for a quick fix when their drains get clogged by using chemical drain cleaners. But, these chemicals could actually cause more damage to pipes. They also cause harm to the environment, so it’s best to avoid these products.

The damage caused to your plumbing system from clogs to tree roots can cause an unwanted amount of pressure in your lines, which can cause your pipes to burst or break in your home. The burst pipes can cause a massive amount of water damage in a short period of time. If you have experienced water damage and need a company today, get in touch with Action 1 Restoration of Arizona to help you with water damage.

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Typically the best plumbers and water damage companies will provide 24 hour services. We are here and available 24 hours a day. If you are noticing your drains are starting to drain slower and your toilet is backing up, it may be time to follow some of the tips below or hire a professional plumber to clean out your drains and sewer line in your home. We want to help homes and businesses reduce the chances of water damage disasters.


Damage to your plumbing system can be prevented with these tips:

  • Install water leak detection for the plumbing systems. It’ll help detect leaks early before damages become worse.
  • Do not use drains for trash disposal. Whether the trash is biodegradable or not, it doesn’t belong there. Use a trap for drains to prevent unwanted waste from going into the pipes. Avoid pouring grease down the drain as well.
  • Install a backflow prevention assembly especially when your system is connected to a city’s sewer system or when your home is located lower than the street level.
  • When building a new house, consider placing it away from trees. Trees could also be removed and replaced after every 2 years. This will prevent roots from damaging the pipes.
  • Hire a certified experienced plumber to maintain pipes and repair damages. Trying out DIY repairs could further damage the plumbing system. Getting an expert will be more cost-efficient.


Hiring a Professional Plumber

Repairing plumbing problems isn’t a job for anybody. It’s best to call an established plumbing company when repairing damages or maintaining plumbing systems. There are many plumbing companies that offer a wide range of services from simple drain unclogging to repairing major water system damages.

Besides installation and repair services, plumbers can also help prevent catastrophic damaged that could happen anytime. Even when it’s just a clogged drain or a leaky pipe, it’s advisable to call for professional help. A simple leak might already be a sign that there’s a big underlying problem in the plumbing system.

Only hire licensed plumbers from a reputable company. Some plumbers who don’t have licenses may offer cheaper services, but there’s no assurance that they’ll get the job right. There’s a good chance that they’ll cause bigger problems and more damage to the plumbing system and drains.

Our Preferred Plumber of Choice in Phoenix is Diamondback Plumbing and they can handle your entire plumbing system from repairs, service and installation. Diamondback Plumbing plumbers have been serving the Arizona market for over 20 years and have a great reputation for residential and commercial plumbing services.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing A Water Damage Restoration Company

Water Damage is surely hazardous and costly, so it is important to prevent water damage as a part of maintaining the home. However, should you have knowledge on what to do when these happens, water damage can be prevented in getting worst. When water seeps from a pipe, a drain backs up, or flood takes place in the home it can be hard to remediate and a lot of question will pop your mind: What to do, what can happen, will there be damage? Will my insurance provider cover the damage? Water damage can be really stressful, and the more you know about it, you can be able to address it easily. “Water damage can occur unnoticeably as in the case of a leaking roof, or it can be such as to have catastrophic results, visualize flooding for instance. In the event of damage in the home, it is best to seek professional help in repairing the damage. So how do you know who is the best man for the job? Personal referrals You can almost never go wrong when a satisfied customer personally refers you to a service provider. Look for people you know that suffered water damage in their homes or offices and seek their advice on which company to go for. Cost effectiveness Find out whether your insurance policy provides for water damage restoration and prepare a budget accordingly. Chances are that after water damage, you may have suffered significant loss and the last thing you need is to spend an exorbitant amount on a service that you might have gotten at a cheaper price. The exact type of damage Most water damage restoration companies can repair the ordinary forms of water damage that you may have suffered. However where you have suffered special damage such as damage to electronic media, you should look for a company that has the capability to handle that also.” Originally seen published on Do not choose a company basing it on the rate or your insurance provider’s recommendations because they end up choosing the best price and usually low pricing suggest the company won’t use modern drying and repair methods. Try to ask your neighbors or friends if they can recommend if they had experienced water damage and had been satisfied with the services they got and if not, you know which company to avoid. Make it to a point that you choose a company that provides a range of water damage restoration services. You can check these out through their website and find out what types of services do they offer and if they offer fire and mold damage at the same time. A company offering various services is a company that takes restoration seriously. Water and mold remediation works together and a company that can handle water and mold is far a better company than the one that only provides water damage service alone. Learn more at “Here are some tips for choosing a first rate water damage restoration […]

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Why You Need A Water Damage Restoration Company

Having water make its way into your home and cause damage is not something that anyone can ever be totally prepared for. The threat of mold and structural damage is more than enough to prove that this can be a very serious issue. Instead of panicking after your property is filled with water, call Action 1 Restoration. Grabbing a mop and attempting to clean the floor is not enough to combat this threat. While you may be able to get all of the water that is at the surface, plenty can leak below the floorboards, into the walls and other hidden places. Have you ever smelled a mildewed room? It is not very pleasant at all. You can avoid having this become your fate by calling as water damage restoration team to help you. Whether you know it or not, there are three distinct types of water: Clean Water Grey Water Black Water Each of these needs a separate kind of attention. By trying to handle your problem on your own or attempting to hire an inexperienced company, you are setting yourself up for failure. Here at Action 1 Restoration, we know how to take care of any type of water that is becoming a personal nightmare for you.   Clean Water In Your Home This is the kind of water that does not pose an immediate threat to you and your family. Rainwater, broken water lines and toilet tanks are all examples of the type of water. Even though you are not in any immediate danger, it is important for you to have all of the water extracted from your home and the property dried out.   What Is Grey Water While this is not the most hazardous water type, it can certainly cause problems if humans or pets come in contact with it. Dishwashers, waterbeds and aquariums are filled with this type of water. This is classified as dangerous since it can contain chemical contamination. If this is not taken care of right away, it has the potential to become black water.   Why Is Black Water The Worst Kind Black water is the most dangerous type of water there is. There are definite health risks and this needs to be taken care of immediately. Raw sewage, overflowing toilets and soiled flood water all belong in this category. If anyone comes in contact with this water they may end up with serious health problems, including respiratory illnesses, infections and allergic reactions.   Regardless of the type of water that is flowing through your home, you should have the team at Action 1 Restoration take care of it for you as soon as possible. We are available 24/7, so do not hesitate to give us a call. Our team will get to you as soon as possible, which means that there will be less of a chance that something will happen to you or your loved ones as a result of the water that has entered your home. Do […]

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Water Damage Restoration Requires Professional Equipment

When it concerns water damage repair, it is best to opt for an expert company that has years of restoration behind them. This will make sure the restoration strategy used will work and do so quickly. Quit losing time with solutions and companies that are not going to give the additional effort to do a great job fast, and lack the skill and tools to eliminate the water and repair the issue. Here we will glance at some of the tools needed to do a professional job of water damage restoration.   Chemical Cleaners & Supplies It starts with the chemical cleaners which are utilized to obtain and eliminate the contaminants that exist. Water has the tendency to create germs which are dreadful for any individual that is in the area. The chemical cleaners make certain the microorganisms are gone as soon as possible.   Demolition Equipment For Remodeling When it comes to hefty water contamination and the damage it causes, it is crucial to bring along a collection of demolition devices. This allows the restoration service to break apart the home as necessary and then they are better able to put it back fully restored. Read more about Action 1 Restoration’s services.   Commercial Water Removal & Drying Equipment All specialists that take care of water damage remediation guarantee they have some kind of drying devices. The ones our team uses are commercial grade and can help with the removal and drying process faster. Water needs to be pulled out immediately to guarantee it does not create even more damage than has already occurred. These tools are durable as well as being able to get every last particle of water. These are several of the significant tools that are made use of when taking care of water damage repair. It is very important to deal with the issues instantly and to eliminate the trouble quickly. If the water remains very long and creates more harm, it could be near difficult to correct the concern. This is why specialists will consistently assess the property and damages that have occurred. It is important to assess the damage to understand all the different type of equipment, materials and supplies that are going to be required to repair your home. Learn more about our teams water damage repair services at

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Emergency Help For Storm Damage Services – How We Can Help

Do You Need Emergency Storm Damage Help? A lot of people that face an emergency situation where their home or business is damaged are overwhelmed with the amount of work they have to get done to get back to normal. We know all too well the rush most people will be in to get everything restored properly, and we have the ability to send out our emergency service team so you can know we’re on it to look for solutions with you quickly. We work with most insurance providers so you don’t have to worry about running into a problem with that in most cases. The equipment we use is only the best because we believe that the more people can see we care about what we do, the more they will trust us with any kind of project they may have. There are so many problems that you may think are impossible to get help with, but we are going to be there to work with you on a variety of restoration projects that you know will be done right. IF you need immediate storm damage restoration, visit Action 1 Restoration storm damage here.   How We Can Help With Weather Damage There are a lot of ways the weather can make it to where you need our restoration services to be rendered in a quick manner. Water damage or a flood can occur when you are dealing with rain storms or just have a leak in your home from faulty plumbing. We have the tools to extract the water from an area and then safely get any structural damage cared for. Check out severe weather alerts. When you are dealing with wind, you may find that it can damage your roof or cause trees to come crashing down into your home. We will fix the damage and then make sure that it’s less likely to happen again by altering the way your home takes on wind in the future. Fire damage can occur from lightning storms because when your property gets struck, it could spark a fire. When you have any other kind of an accident with fire, we can help with that as well and make sure if it’s something like an electrical problem we are able to determine the cause.   Commercial Storm Damage Services We Can Offer You should come to us for all of the needs we have listed above, but also know we can help commercial buildings that have suffered storm damage. This kind of work really needs to be done in a careful manner, and we have people that can work on getting your roof or just the building in general back into the best condition possible. You will find that many commercial building materials aren’t available to the general public, so when you work with us we have access to what is needed and won’t cut any corners. You can also visit one of our A1R locations that is close to […]

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What To Do If You Have A Burst Pipe

Water damage from a burst pipe is one of the most common reasons a home or business sustains water damage. A pipe can burst for several different reasons, but some of the most common are: temperatures dropping below freezing, old rusted pipes, not having a pressure regulator and the pressure is too much for the PVC piping. These are just a few of the main causes of a pipe bursting in your home. This is the sort of disaster that can ruin an entire day, if not the next few weeks. And the unfortunate thing is that you can’t always tell if a pipe is about to burst. Sometimes you can tell that a pipe is getting a bit rusty and starting to drip. If you notice that a pipe is at risk, then you should take the necessary steps to get the pipe replaced. But what happens if a pipe bursts and you’re simply not prepared for it? That can be a thing that many people never even consider, but knowing what to do can save you a lot of time and money. It is important to understand the steps on how to deal with a burst pipe to minimize any additional damage to your home.   Step 1. Turn Off The Main Water Source This is difficult if you live in an apartment building or condo, but if you live in a house, it’s only a matter of knowing where the water main is located. And if you don’t know where your water main is, then you should take a few minutes to make sure you do. Knowing where the water main shut off is could help you save thousands of dollars in potential water damage. So the moment you see a burst pipe, shut off the water. The faster you get the water shut off can determine if you can do the work yourself or if you will need to hire a professional company like Action 1.   Step 2. Locate The Broken Pipe This isn’t always an easy task. If your floor is uneven, for example, water may have traveled quite a distance away from the source of the initial leak. When a pipe breaks or bursts, in most cases, it is behind a wall or in the ceiling. But it is important for our team to locate the break and what caused the pipe to burst in the first place. By determining what caused the pipe to break or burst enables us to be able to fix the problem so we can prevent it from happening again.   Step 3. Assess The Amount Of Water Damage If you’re lucky, you’ll have cut off the water quickly enough that there’s not a great deal of damage. However, even if it doesn’t seem like there’s a great deal of damage, you might want to be careful. Certain kinds of flooring can absorb water much more easily than others. Tile and laminate flooring can have water caught underneath […]

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Tools Used To Clean And Repair Mold

Some Equipment and Tools Used For Mold Removal Mold can be a nuisance and damaging for property owners. It is important to tackle it as soon as possible and have it cleaned. This is where ‘mold remediation’ comes into action. With the appropriate and professional use of modern equipment, it is easy to quickly clean and repair mold as required. A property owner does not have to wait for days to have the mold removed. Let’s take a glance at what is used to clean and repair mold. This is just some tools that are used to clean and kill mold, but it is important to have a local experienced Action 1 Restoration mold removal team help you eliminate your mold problem.   Sealing Equipment To Control Growth The first step in the clean and repair process begins with sealing equipment. If the area where the mold is present does not get sealed, it is potentially going to spread to other areas and that is not something a property owner will want to deal with. Therefore, the Action 1 Restoration team uses the best sealing equipment to clean and repair the mold as needed. The sealing equipment is going to reduce excess damage, which can be caused if the right precautions are not taken by the profession doing the job. With years of experience, this will not be an issue for those who go with this company.   Spray For Dry Mold Dry mold can be a reality in many properties. It is essential for a specialist to first notice the dry mold and then commence the process needed to eliminate it. What is the tool used to make sure dry mold is being taken care of. A spray gun is used to target the mold and create moisture, which is going to help chemicals to get in and deal with the mold. With dry mold, it is near impossible to eliminate it ‘as is’ meaning the spray gun has to be used beforehand.   Chemical Solutions To Permanently Eradicate Mold To begin the eradication of mold, there are a range of professional grade chemical solutions implemented on the surface. The goal with the help of these chemicals is to ensure the mold is being tacked as soon as possible with nothing being left over. The chemicals are quick acting and safe for the property in general. There is no additional damage caused with the use of these chemicals and they are contained to reduce their impact entirely. These are the most effective solutions for dealing with mold of any kind in any property. The professional will make sure to assess the mold and maximize the use of chemicals to quickly see results. In some cases bleach can also be used to help kill mold.   Filtered Vacuum For Final Cleaning To culminate the process, an accredited filtered vacuum is used for the mold. It is essential for a modernized vacuum to be used, which is built for this purpose. […]

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Understanding the Water Removal and Extraction Process

What You Need to Know About Removing Water From a Home Water is one of the primary elements that support life. Almost 70% of our bodies are composed of water. The uses of water are numerous, but it can turn out to be disastrous at times. In fact, water is only beneficial to us when control is exercised in its usage, storage, and disposal. Once in a while water pipes burst, seas and oceans break their banks, rains cause flooding, and water containers burst. This uncontrolled water can destroy property and cause havoc to peoples’ lives. Water spills or floods result from unexpected agents, but the response time is very critical to minimizing the damage. Water removal and extraction procedures are the methods or steps followed to ensure a faster removal of excess water from the affected areas. Check out our water extraction services at The areas at home or in offices that are mostly affected by having water spills or floods include: Floor carpets Walls Draperies Floor and wall cabinets Furniture Ceiling and wood floors Electrical sockets and equipment To prevent irreversible damage to your property, you need to have a water extraction and removal company at your disposal 24/7. These are trained technicians in water management and will clear your place within hours or days depending on the extent of the damage. One method used to extract water from the affected areas is called “the dry force process.” This is the most utilized method especially for offices and places of business where time is of utmost importance. The method uses sophisticated modern equipment to extract, dehumidify and evaporate water and moisture as fast as possible. It’s quite effective and allows an “on-site” extraction of water. The extraction process can be summarized in four stages comprising of two drying stages, a final assessment stage plus an initial damage assessment and evaluation stage.   Stage I: Assessment & Evaluation This is the very first action taken after the spill has been reported to the extraction company. The activities performed in this stage include: A complete assessment of the affected areas and the extent of the damage so far. Relocation of furniture or other items from the affected area for protection. Lift floor carpets from the area. Dispose items which cannot be salvaged. Apply a suitable anti-microbial agent to the affected areas to avoid molds and pungent smells. Remove any obstacles from the walls to enhance ventilation of the room. Estimate the total cost of extracting the water, and Bring to site the equipment required to conduct the extraction and removal process.   2) Stage II: Drying Services Starting the extraction process and allowing the equipment to operate uninterrupted for the duration of the time. Cut the power supply to the affected areas. Open and keep open drainage lines for a complete removal of moisture. All windows and doors should be kept closed.   3) Stage III: Inspections and Tests This is a continuation of the drying process. A technician […]

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Best Ways to Prevent a Basement Flood and Additional Damage

Basement flooding can be devastating. It will impact the structural integrity of a home and its consequences will have to be dealt with over a long period of time. Whether stemming from a storm or plumbing problems, basement flooding is a viable threat. There are several things that homeowners can do to reduce the risk of basement flooding and the damage that it could potentially cause. A partnership with a reputable plumbing company is obviously of uttermost importance. Several other essentials matter, as well.   Cleaning the Rain Gutters Something as simple as maintaining gutters in ideal condition can prevent a major disaster. Blocked gutters (because of the accumulation of leaves, debris and organic matter) will cause the water to overflow and pool directly next to the house’s foundations. The water will soon find its way in the basement. Get in the habit of cleaning the gutters every few months and before a major storm. Follow the weather forecast to make sure that you’re 100 percent prepared for any upcoming downpour. The gutters should drain at least 6’ away from the house to make the risk of flooding minimal. In addition, the gutters should always drain down slope and away from the house.   Basement Dehumidifiers A basement dehumidifier is a very important essential that every household should have. When buying such items, pay close attention to the capacity of the dehumidifier. A capacity of at least 65 pints per day is the absolute minimum. A dehumidifier should be used full capacity during wet seasons and before a storm is expected. Even if a flood doesn’t take place, the basement happens to be quite moist. Too much moisture will cause structural damage over the long run. Thus, the purchase of the dehumidifier right now can save a lot of money on property repairs in the future.   Check the Condition of Your Plumbing Get in the habit of doing regular plumbing maintenance. Leaks may be exceptionally difficult to detect until it becomes too late. Old plumbing is particularly dangerous and usually one of the major causes for basement water damage. Over time, plumbing standards and materials have changed. Many old techniques and standards have become obsolete. If you don’t know what your plumbing looks like or when it was put together, you’ll need to ask for professional assistance. Companies like Action 1 Restoration will diagnose your plumbing system, help you pinpoint shortcomings and reduce the risk of experiencing a basement flood. Read more about the A1R water and flood damage services. Some of the essentials that a plumbing inspection will need to focus upon include the availability of a backwater sanitary valve on the lateral, a sump pump, the manner in which the foundation drainage works and the location of the sanitary sewer lateral.   What to do in the Case of a Basement Flood If a basement flood occurs regardless of your efforts, you’ll have to act fast to minimize the damage. One of the very first steps depending […]

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Johns Creek, Ga – Emergency Restoration Services By Action 1 Restoration

Mold Removal, Storm And Water Damage Restoration Services In Johns Creek, Ga When you have water damage or flood waters that enter the residence from a weather system or a pipe breaking it can damage your Johns Creek property and the contents in your property quickly. Black water from a flood or sewage is made up of unhealthy bacteria, small organisms and contaminants that can be very dangerous to be around and is much different compared to water from a broken pipe. One of your first objectives would be to get the water cleaned up and removed and the affected regions disinfected to help you eradicate the unhealthy bacteria and organisms Even with small quantities of water flooding in a room, the walls, flooring, and carpets can suffer substantial damage in a small amount of time. We know that our water, flood and sewage damage restoration customers in Johns Creek, GA need fast action by properly trained team members. After a water or flood, the Action 1 Restoration team recognizes how important it is for you to acquire excellent care from qualified experts. Emergency services we offer are: • 24/7 Service • Trained team members using state-of-the-art equipment • A quality staff that will work with your insurance company in order to protect against any mistakes.   AS FEATURED ON: Hiring A Professional Water Damage Restoration And Repair Company Acquire the help of Action 1 Restoration, a experienced water damage cleanup services so you’ll be able to feel comfortable knowing that your damage will be negligible. Overlooking immediate damage control can cause more expensive fixes at a later time. The course of action from a flood or water damage cleanup project requires the usage of professional equipment to extract, remove and dry out the areas in your home. Water is extremely intrusive. It doesn’t have to hang around for too long to infiltrate the structural spaces of your home, leaking into sub floors and invading wall cavities. A experienced water damage company can locate these hidden pools of water and clean them up immediately, before they can start to cause real damage to your property. Best Commercial And Residential Water Damage Restoration Services: We have the manpower, education as well as gear to effectively manage clean up work for residential and commercial clients. We make every effort possible to work together with companies which are IICRC licensed and are part of the Better Business Bureau in Johns Creek. No job is too large or too small and you will be pleased to know that our staff of building contractors are available at all hours of the day and night. Our objective is to have you be 100% satisfied with our services, from the time you first call us until we have finished your repairs and cleanup. Some Of The Action 1 Clean up Services: • Fast Response Time • Direct Billing To Your Insurance • Instant Response Day Or Night • Drying For Walls, Floors, And Ceilings • Sewer Restorations […]

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