Prevent Water Disasters from Plumbing System and Drain Problems

How A Water Damage Company and Plumber Work Together To Keep Your Home Safe

Many people try to save as much money as they can by reducing water consumption. The problem is that you do not immediately see that something is already broken within the plumbing system. In most cases, you will see a spike in your water consumption bill or you will be caught off guard with a big water damage problem. You can prevent this when you know what could damage your plumbing systems and drains.

The most common causes of plumbing systems and drains damage are:

  • Trash, grease, and other substances

Many people are unaware that trash and grease could clog their plumbing systems. Trash and waste materials do not belong in pipes. They will most likely cause clogs and damages. Grease may pass through pipes, but it can clog septic systems or cause sewer backups. Paper, metal, glass, and even hair could also cause blockages.

  • Tree roots

Another cause that may damage plumbing systems is tree roots. Large trees’ roots can get through pipes causing them to get blocked. This is an expensive problem that would require not only a plumber’s service, but a tree company’s service as well.

  • Liquid drain cleaners

People would commonly go for a quick fix when their drains get clogged by using chemical drain cleaners. But, these chemicals could actually cause more damage to pipes. They also cause harm to the environment, so it’s best to avoid these products.

The damage caused to your plumbing system from clogs to tree roots can cause an unwanted amount of pressure in your lines, which can cause your pipes to burst or break in your home. The burst pipes can cause a massive amount of water damage in a short period of time. If you have experienced water damage and need a company today, get in touch with Action 1 Restoration of Arizona to help you with water damage.

Additional cities we services in Maricopa County

Typically the best plumbers and water damage companies will provide 24 hour services. We are here and available 24 hours a day. If you are noticing your drains are starting to drain slower and your toilet is backing up, it may be time to follow some of the tips below or hire a professional plumber to clean out your drains and sewer line in your home. We want to help homes and businesses reduce the chances of water damage disasters.


Damage to your plumbing system can be prevented with these tips:

  • Install water leak detection for the plumbing systems. It’ll help detect leaks early before damages become worse.
  • Do not use drains for trash disposal. Whether the trash is biodegradable or not, it doesn’t belong there. Use a trap for drains to prevent unwanted waste from going into the pipes. Avoid pouring grease down the drain as well.
  • Install a backflow prevention assembly especially when your system is connected to a city’s sewer system or when your home is located lower than the street level.
  • When building a new house, consider placing it away from trees. Trees could also be removed and replaced after every 2 years. This will prevent roots from damaging the pipes.
  • Hire a certified experienced plumber to maintain pipes and repair damages. Trying out DIY repairs could further damage the plumbing system. Getting an expert will be more cost-efficient.


Hiring a Professional Plumber

Repairing plumbing problems isn’t a job for anybody. It’s best to call an established plumbing company when repairing damages or maintaining plumbing systems. There are many plumbing companies that offer a wide range of services from simple drain unclogging to repairing major water system damages.

Besides installation and repair services, plumbers can also help prevent catastrophic damaged that could happen anytime. Even when it’s just a clogged drain or a leaky pipe, it’s advisable to call for professional help. A simple leak might already be a sign that there’s a big underlying problem in the plumbing system.

Only hire licensed plumbers from a reputable company. Some plumbers who don’t have licenses may offer cheaper services, but there’s no assurance that they’ll get the job right. There’s a good chance that they’ll cause bigger problems and more damage to the plumbing system and drains.

Early Warning Signs You May Have Mold

Mold_Remediation_TestingYou have remodeled your home and you love every part of it. Despite the problems that many people go through like contractors, you are happy to have finished and started decorating your home. With time, you start to notice a smell in various rooms in the house when the rains begin.

The first thing that you will suspect is mold and you start looking for signs of water such as discoloration on the walls, ceiling or even puddles of water. You find nothing but the smell is still there, getting even stronger with time.

What do you do next?

The first thing you need to do is locating the source of the mold, what’s creating it and what’s feeding it. Just like plants, molds needs nutrients and moisture to grow. When there is a leakage, there is a creation of a perfect ground for mold growth. You will need to find if there is any leakage though it can sometimes be difficult. If you can visibly see or smell the mold, there is no need to spend money on mold testing.

The process will include cleaning the mold, locating the source of the moisture and fixing it. If you think you may have mold, get in touch with one of the Action 1 Restoration locations to get a mold removal estimate –

What Is Mold Molds are fungi

They grow naturally and built environment. In nature, molds play a big role in breaking down dead material. Molds should never be allowed to grow indoors because of the many health complications it could bring. Contact with the molds can also cause complication, especially if swallowed. The type and severity of the health effects that mold produces are usually difficult to predict. The risk can vary from one location to another and from person to person. There are some people that might be affected more than others, these include; Elderly people, infants, and children, people with respiratory conditions such as asthma and allergies and persons with weakened immune systems.

Below are some of the early signs that you may have mold  

Noticeable Mold odors

noticeable_mold_growthThis is one of the most practical ways to find molds in your home by using your eyes to look for mold growth and by using the nose to locate the exact location of the source. The smell is a sure way to get the exact way to get the location because the smell gets stronger as you get closer. If you see mold or an musty or earthy smell, you should assume the mold problem exists.

Mold Growth Becomes Visible

It may appear cottony, granular, velvety or leathery and vary in different colors like white, brown, green, yellow, black and gray. Many times, it appears as staining, discoloration or fuzzy growth on the surface of the building materials and furnishing. When the mold is visible, there is no need for testing. You might notice excess moisture or water damage Look for any standing […]

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What Equipment Is Required For Water Damage Restoration?

Some OF The Equipment Used By The Action 1 Restoration Team

hydro_x_xtreme_water_extraction_vacHaving water damage on any property is likely to be a devastating scenario. This is why it is very important to hire professional restoration experts who deal with water damage on a regular basis. By doing this, you are making sure that the job is done properly. It is not worth taking a short cut and trying to fix things yourself, nor is it any use hiring a company that is not trained to do the job, nor has the right equipment. This is just some of the equipment that is used during a water damage restoration and cleanup project. Water Removal Equipment Water extraction and removal is usually the first stage in any water damage repair project. Some of the equipment we use was purchased from a company like JonDon for water removal and drying. Some of the equipment you may see some of our partner contractors use is the Mega 3, Dry-Eaz or even the Phoenix Hydro. Our team uses the best equipment to produce the best possible outcome to help restore your home.

Visit for an immediate water removal and extraction team that can help you today. Drying Equipment In order to help dry out the property, it is essential to have high powered drying equipment. The quicker the water is removed, the less damage there will be, and the sooner the repairs can start. Our Professionals will use the latest high-powered air movers, dehumidifiers and air scrubbers to help in drying out your home.   Chemical Based Cleaners When it comes to water problems, toxins can be one of the main problems. This is because the water contains a lot of bacteria that contaminates everything that it comes into contact with. By making use of chemical cleaners, they will quickly rid the affected areas of bacteria and microorganisms. Depending on the type of water, (clear, grey or black) will determine what is needed for the cleaning and sanitation.   Demolition Equipment In certain cases, some demolition may need to take place due to the water damage. This means that a full repair can take place to ensure the property is as good as new.

highest water removal capacity in the industryVisit to learn more about our water damage restoration services. Mentioned above are some pieces of equipment that a professional water damage restoration company will use. One of the most important things is to bring them in quickly, as this can help reduce the total amount of damage. The longer the water is sitting around, the more damage it will cause. This means that repairs take much longer, and the overall cost will be higher. As soon as one of the partner team members from Action 1 Restoration arrives, we assess the situation so we know what equipment is going to be needed for the water damage restoration project.

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Why Water Removal Is Important To Protect Against Mold

Protect Your Home And Your Family With Mold Prevention

After A Water Exposure When a home is flooded or damaged by water, many homeowners focus on the visible signs. They mop up puddles, air out rooms, and try to salvage as much as they can from the wreckage. What they often do not realize is that a lot of damage can take place in places that are hidden from view. A professional water removal company utilizes additional tools like thermal imaging and moisture meters to help ensure that any hidden pockets of water are taken care of. Water can easily seep underneath floorboards or go behind the walls of a home. If these hidden pockets of water are not cleaned up and dried out right away, they can create the perfect environment for mold and mildew. Often, these can start to grow within 48 hours from the time the water was sitting.

Learn more about our water removal and extraction services over at

mold_growing_homeUnfortunately, many people do not realize that they have mold growing in their homes until it is too late. Cleaning up a full-fledged mold infestation can be a very expensive and time-consuming process. In some very rare cases, the only solution is to tear down the home and rebuild it from scratch. To avoid such problems, you need to make sure that you clean everything up thoroughly after your home has been damaged by water. By calling Action 1 Restoration, you can get the cleanup process started right away so that mold and mildew are unable to gain a foothold in your home. Mold spores are everywhere, and most of the time they do not cause any problems.

The vast majority of them will never land anywhere that provides a hospitable environment. However, if they do happen to find a resting place that is warm and damp, they can start to grow almost immediately. When they do, they can cause huge blooms of mold that can send billions of spores into the air. At these levels, these spores can be a real health hazards. People with respiratory problems or weak immune systems can quickly fall ill if they are exposed to too many mold spores. In addition, mold can even weaken the structure of your home. If a mold infestation grows too large, it can start to eat into the wood in your home.

You may not even realize that this damage is happening until it is too late, since most of it is taking place behind your walls or underneath your floorboards. Because of the danger posed by mold, you need to make sure that water is removed from all areas of your home right away. Just mopping up the visible puddles and pools of water is not enough. You need to call Action 1 Restoration so we can clean up all the water, both visible and hidden from view. Thoroughly cleaning up, drying out, and disinfecting a home after a flood is a big […]

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New State Locations Action 1 Restoration Is Now Servicing

Action 1 Restoration New Service States For Emergency Restoration

Action 1 Restoration is now partnering with some of the best local contractors in the states below. We are adding new states/areas and partners we are working with on a continual basis.

Original post found on Alabama

alabama_map1Action 1 Restoration contractors/partners have provided comprehensive water restoration services for the residents throughout the entire Alabama. Insurance providers take pride to refer us as the best water damage restoration company informing their clients about the excellent services we provide. Whenever you require emergency restoration service, our on call emergency service professionals are ready to step up to assist you with your problem on water and flood damage without delay. If you experience a plumbing failure or other type of flood inside your residence, you need to seek water extraction assistance right away to stave off mold development. The residents in Alabama has been enjoying the dry weather in which mold isn’t that huge problem to consider for them not like in other areas in Alabama, but this has to be corrected.

First seen on Texas –

290px-Texas_45_map.svgAction 1 Restoration specializes in services for water damage restoration throughout the entire state of Texas. We have excellent relationships with all of the most popular insurance carriers and are listed on several carriers preferred provider list. Our emergency service teams are on call, willing to assist you whenever you seek services for water damage restoration. They start promptly on the process, avoiding additional damage to occur. Given that our team has been making use of the most trusted cutting edge devices, we can assure you that you’ll get the most quality service for water extraction. Our fast response and cutting-edge equipment means that you can be confident that mold will not get the chance to grow. The Texas weather is not prone to mold, yet we guarantee you’ll have peace of mind as we provide you extra potential mold security of your home.

Post first saw on New Mexico –

Action 1 Restoration provides full water damage restoration service to all locations in the State of New Mexico. Most insurance companies in New Mexico are familiar with our company and a lot of these insurance companies consider us to be their preferred company to work with. Our emergency service teams are always readily available. We are on call and therefore ready for emergency water & flood damage restoration work anytime you require it. We make use of state-of-the-art-equipment for extracting water as well as for the drying out process. If you’re confronted with some type of plumbing leak or if your home is entirely flooded, you will need water extraction right away or be confronted with the possibility of dangerous black mold growing inside your home. Although New Mexico has a relatively dry environment and it is not known for mold problems, it is still not worth risking the health of your family.

Original city page article found on Colorado –

Action 1 Restoration is a trusted water damage restoration company serving Colorado. We stand ready to assist you and we’re available 24 hours, 7 days a week when you require immediate restoration service in Colorado. We deal with most of the insurance business in the state and numerous insurance companies regard us as their preferred company. Our emergency restoration service teams are always available for emergency water & flood damage restoration work anytime you require it. We use the most innovative and current products and machines for water extraction and dry up, to make certain the location will be entirely dried. For anyone who is confronted with some kind of plumbing leak, or even when your house is entirely flooded, you’ll require emergency water extraction or there will be a possibility of unsafe black mold to form in your house. Colorado features a dry climate in which mold issues are less regular to establish however when water gets into a home the risk of mold is much greater.

Utah –

Originally posted on California –

California_economic_regions_map_(labeled_and_colored).svgAction 1 Restoration is a dependable water and fire damage restoration team in California. We’re available 24 hours, 7 days a week, when you need immediate restoration. We work with the bulk of the insurance companies in the state and many of these insurance companies have us on their list of preferred companies. We provide emergency service teams that are always readily available and on standby for water & flood damage restoration work whenever it is needed. We utilize state-of-the-art-equipment for extracting water and dry work. For anyone who has some form of plumbing leaks, or flood damage, you’ll require emergency water extraction or can be a possibility of dangerous black mold in your home. It can be dangerous exposing your family to mold.

You can check out our locations and the cities we service by visiting

Call us at  (877) 246-8788  to get an Action 1 Local Partner near you.

Action 1 Restoration New State Locations

Action 1 Restoration has recently moved into 2 new states and supporting cities. We have recently added Florida and Nevada as 2 new states we are going to be providing storm, mold, fire and water damage restoration for both commercial businesses and residential homes. We are looking for qualified IICRC certified business to partner with in those areas.

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The Ultimate DIY Fire Damage Guide

One Of The Best Online Guides To Help You With Fire Damage

fire_damage_of_a_HomeKeep in mind this is a general outline guide to help you with fire damage cleanup and restoration of your home. There are many people that want to do this task on their own or be their own foreman and hire many different contractors to get their home repaired. Many of the steps in this guide can take hours, days, weeks to do on your own. Hiring different contractors can be a good way to do things if you have the time to be able to do so. It takes many, many hours to manage and hire the right contractors to be able to perform the tasks that are needed after a fire has struck a home. Imaging a bad kitchen fire that has smoke and soot involved. Smoke that travels along the inside of the home saturating and staining the drywall throughout the house, this needs to be cleaned heavily. In some cases, the drywall needs to be completely removed and re-installed. Also the structure of the home needs to be checked and there may need to be repairs to the structure of the home. As a restoration company, our team is trained to look for and catch all potential damage that the home or business may have suffered and needs to be repaired. This is why many people elect to hire a professional water and fire damage restoration company like us to handle all of this for them. We always encourage contacting us (Action 1 Restoration) after a fire, but you can always reference some of the steps in this guide to help you along the way!

Fires may be the worst disaster you and your property can suffer, because they cause both severe physical and emotional damage. One day you are going about your usual routine – the next, you’ve lost some (or all) of your home and valuables. As with any adverse event in life, there’s really no choice but to pick yourself up and get on with the process of putting your life back in order, no matter how difficult it may be. This ultimate DIY fire damage cleanup and restoration guide is meant to help you along the road to recovery.

Not A Normal Do-It-Yourself Project

Restoring a property after a fire is a major operation. You can do it yourself, but it is critical to understand that there’s a complicated step-by-step process which must be followed, and it involves a ton of work. For a few people with the energy and home repair ability to dig in and keep going, it can be a good way to take their mind off a devastating loss. For most, however, fire damage cleanup and restoration is simply too much, too soon. If you prefer to use a professional service, Action 1 Restoration is ready and able to take care of every detail for you. If you prefer to handle the work on your own, then this step-by-step guide will help you get things back in order….

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Will Your Insurance Company Accept the Cost of Water Damage?

While homeowners insurance is designed to protect you, there are certain problems that are notoriously hard to get covered. one of those problems is water damage. While insurance policies do cover water damage, they’re very particular about the type of coverage they do provide.

home flooded and insuranceIn most cases, you can get the coverage you need as long as the water damage is “sudden.” However, different insurance companies have different rules when it comes to this type of damage. It’s a good idea to read over your policy so that you can ensure you have the kind of coverage that you need.

For example, many insurance policies don’t cover damages caused by a flood. While a flood can be argued to fit under the “sudden water damage” descriptor, insurance companies don’t see it that way. If you’re worried about flooding, you may want to acquire a separate flood insurance policy.

Flood Insurance Information:

Leaky pipes can also be hard to get covered. While the leak may occur suddenly, insurance companies see this as a home maintenance issue. Very few companies would cover this kind of damage, which means homeowners will be stuck covering the cost of repairs on their own.

It’s a good idea to talk with your insurance agent so that you can determine exactly what kind of coverage you have. You don’t want to be suddenly surprised by unexpected costs. It’s good to know if there are gaps in your coverage so that you can fill them before problems occur.

Water damage can be a big headache for homeowners, especially when it comes to insurance policies. Take the time to find out what is and isn’t covered so that you’ll be fully prepared if the worst occurs. The more you know about your insurance policy, the more you can do to protect yourself. Read more about insurance, water and flood damage at