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Restoration Company Of Sewage, Flood, Storm & Water Damage In New Mexico

Action 1 Restoration provides full water damage restoration service to all locations in the State of New Mexico. Most insurance companies in New Mexico are familiar with our company and a lot of these insurance companies consider us to be their preferred company to work with. Our emergency service teams are always readily available. We are on call and therefore ready for emergency water & flood damage restoration work anytime you require it. We make use of state-of-the-art-equipment for extracting water as well as for the drying out process. If you’re confronted with some type of plumbing leak or if your home is entirely flooded, you will need water extraction right away or be confronted with the possibility of dangerous black mold growing inside your home. Although New Mexico has a relatively dry environment and it is not known for mold problems, it is still not worth risking the health of your family.


 featuredonWe Directly Bill Your Insurance Company

Our Process For Water Damage Restoration & Repair

After your insurance claim has been filed, the standing water will need to be removed from your house or business. It may appear like a simple process, however it could be a difficult if you attempt it on your own. Specialized equipment is utilized to be able to extract all the water from your home efficiently to prevent excessive damage within your property. The faster the standing water is removed we will start the drying out process. Depending upon the amount of water damage done, you might have to have additional home repairs at this point in order to get your house back in shape. But don’t stress, this is why you have your homeowners insurance. It protects you from plumbing leaks or other water damage.

home-and-commercial-restorationOur Property Restoration Services For Commercial & Residential:

  • On Site Fast
  • We Bill Your Insurance Directly
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service
  • Water Removal & Dry out
  • Sewer Cleanup
  • Disinfection & Odor Control
  • Mold Removal
  • Storm Damage Restoration
  • Flood Damage Cleanup

Best Water Damage Restoration In New Mexico

If you find that your house has leaks or flooding in New Mexico, our team is experienced in preventing additional damage from occurring. We can restore your home back into its normal state with the methods we utilize. After giving us a call, our team members will be at your place in one hour or less. We want to assist you as soon as you call us. The minute your insurance claim has been filed, we will get right to work. The sooner you call the less damage will occur. We want you to have peace of mind fast. We’ll assist in getting your power and water turned off before we start any work.

hydro_x_xtreme_water_extraction_vacWater Extraction & Removal

Water leaks can happen to anyone, unexpectedly. If a leak has occurred, you;ll want to address it immediately or you stand the chance of a wet area growing dangerous mold. An expert water extraction company is necessary to examine the crawl areas, flooring and structural framework of your home to see to it there will be no water left in the structure. Our team uses state-of-the-art commercial grade equipment for water extraction and removal in New Mexico. After the water is extracted, we start to dry out your home or business. After we complete the extraction and dryout, we will do a moisture test to ensure the water moisture levels are correct in your home.

Structural Drying – New Mexico Experts

hepa_blowerWe set-up a schedule that allows us to work with you, so that we can get the job done fast. We begin by determining how bad the damage is and then we tart to dry out the home. After the initial steps are completed and water has been extracted or removed, we will be airing out the home and drying it out using commercial grade blowers. Depending on how much water there was, types of flooring, determines what equipment we need to use to dry out your home or business.

This damages can be determined by:

– We look at the lowest part of a building. Water will always reach the lowest point.

– We look beyond just what is seen on the surface. We examine all areas of the home or office.

– We use sophisticated meters and gauges and other equipment to find all of the water.

Sewage Cleanup Services

The Action 1 Restoration team provides full sewage cleaning and restoration services for both commercial and residential homes. Any home or business can have a sewage or septic tank backup. Sewage water is not something that you should try and attempt to clean, this should be handled by experts in the field as sewage has many different contaminants that can potentially make you very sick.

We arrive fast and get to work immediately to remove sewage. After the sewer clean up we inspect the entire home for damage.

– Removal of things that have been damaged by the water

– Drying and dehumidification

– Odor removal and methods in ventilating

– When required, we rebuild, bring back and repair

Quality Flood Damage Restoration Services in New Mexico

Flood damage restoration needs to be handled by a professional. With our years of training and experience you can count on us to extract the water, dry out the property, inspect for possible mold and do the job right. Flood water is also known as black water and contains many different potential harmful contaminants in the water. We make sure we are using the right equipment, right protective gear when it comes to flood waters. We take pride in the work that we do.

mold_growth_cleaningMold Inspections & Removal Services

The specialists at Action 1 are knowledgeable, expert and prepared to check your property for mold. If you think that there’s mold and any other problem in your house, you have to call us today. Our team has taken care of lots of mold removal and removal jobs in New Mexico and the surrounding locations. Mold can cause serious health risks, if not dealt with right away. Our team of experts will remove the mold in a timely manner and restore your home back to its original condition.

Storm Damage Restoration Service

After a storm in New Mexico, your home or business can be left ravaged with damage and it is our job to assist you, so that you can get your life back on track. The Action 1 Restoration team offers fast emergency response to those that have experienced storm damage. Our professional team of specialists in New Mexico is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you with any storm damage disasters you may have experienced.

Lightning Home ProtectionSome types of storm damage we have seen in New Mexico are:

  • Flooding from the storm
  • Water damage from the storm
  • Hail damage to your home or structure
  • Strong wind damage
  • Electrical damage
  • Lightning damage
  • Significant roof leaks from the storm
  • Potential mold issues
  • And more

The Action 1 Restoration specialist team can be at your home or company within 60 minutes from the time you call to access the damage and start the restoration process. We are storm damage insurance specialists and we assist you with getting your insurance claim submitted in order to start the restoration process immediately.

We have succeeded in assisting many property owners recover items of great value in their houses, consisting of family heirlooms and furniture. Be sure to give us a call today if you have experienced any type of water damage disaster in your home or business. All the Action 1 Restoration locations.

Our Team Services The Following Cities For Water & Fire Damage In New Mexico:

Alamogordo Farmington Rio Rancho
Albuquerque Hobbs Roswell
Clovis Las Cruces Santa Fe

Our Fire Damage Repair And Restoration Services In New Mexico

home_fire-damageSmoke and fire can destroy your home and your life. We know that you want to act fast to restore your home. It is very important to call a restoration team promptly to deal with the repair services needed. We’re here to answer your call when you need us. We’ll assist you by removing soot and smoke from your home or business. We do everything thing that we can to help. We will even assist in filing your insurance claim.

Repair & Restoration Fire Damage Services

If you’ve experienced a fire you’ll need to remove the smoke and soot. This procedure is complicated and needs to done by a professional. If not clean properly the problem can get worse. This is why you need Action 1. We are experience in fire repair and restoration. Our team uses the best equipment and experience to make your home clean after a fire.

residential_commercial-fire-and-smoke-restoration-servicesProperty Restoration Services For Commercial & Residential Fire Damage:

  • On Site Promptly
  • Restoration/Clean Up For Fire And Smoke
  • Fast Assessment Of Damages
  • Claim Filing Done For You
  • Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Methods
  • Smoke And Odor Purification
  • Careful Household Goods Removal
  • Techniques For Mold Prevention

Ways in Saving the Valuable Items in your Home or Office

If you don’t have a list and pictures of your belongings, once you are allowed to enter the home, you should log as much as you can. Our team can assist you in documenting all of your belongings. Our Action1 team will use the best equipment and products to try to salvage your belongings.

Smoke Damage Restoration & Cleanup

Correct understanding about what caused the fire will help us determine the best methods for cleaning smoke from your New Mexico home. Our experts will determine the best cleaners to use based on their findings about the fire. Certain solvents and cleaners will be used. Smoke can travel along the walls and leave a black film. Many of the walls will need to be cleaned and sterilized. If the smoke damage is sever, we may need to replace the drywall, flooring or areas effected by the smoke.

Soot Damage Restoration & Cleanup

fire-damage-cleanup-and-restorationSoot is oil based and can spread rapidly throughout the entire house and even to the neighboring structures. Our team guarantees to be able to lift and absorb all the soot from the carpets, furniture and draperies efficiently through using powerful vacuums. You must prevent the use of water-based detergent in eliminating the soot. Likewise, prevent using brush as this only pushes all the soot deeper into the material.

Odor Removal And Control

Our first step is to remove all the water from the property. Wet surfaces and charred materials are a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. When this problem is not solved right away, this might contribute to more structural damages. Our experts remove the water and start working on removing odors from the fire. We may need to surround the property with a special tent in order to treat it with ozone.

Our team of expert services in New Mexico include:

  • Cleaning the content
  • Board ups
  • Smoke clean up
  • Removal of smoke odors
  • Big or small fire
  • Kitchen & appliance fires
  • Fire damage reconstruction
  • Architectural damage remedy
  • Restoring smoke damage
  • Recovery for fire damages
  • Residential, industrial and commercial properties

Steps that can be done by Home Owners right after a fire

unsmoke_fire_smoke_chemicalsWhen the fire department gives approval to enter the building for the property owner needs to ventilate the home or office. It is essential that windows are opened and air is flowing easily throughout the building. This will be beneficial in dispersing the odor of the soot and smoke.

If the outside temperature is warm you’ll need to run a dehumidifier with the windows closed. If cold, run the furnace and check the filters often.

Drapes and curtains can hold water and may grow mold. They need to be cleaned and dried or it may be necessary to discard of them. Once are team reaches you. They’ll work fast to get your home back to the way it was.

Expert Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration Services

Our team knows how to handle smoke damage in New Mexico, we’re experts in our field. Smoke and soot needs to be dealt with after a small or large fire. When it comes to fire damage, you are also probably going to have water damage as well from the fire department putting out the fire. This is why you want a full service restoration company that can help with all aspects of restoration. We want to provide the best service possible. Prior to calling you should review your insurance policy.We’re happy to assist you with filing your claim. We want you to be 100% satisfied with the services you receive from the Action 1 Restoration team, which is why we go through great lengths to make sure our team is trained and professional.

Help Reduce Your Restoration Costs With Action 1 Restoration In New Mexico

support-picSave money and time by contacting the pros at Action 1 Restoration today. Our certified and experienced contractors in New Mexico are here to help you. The fast our team is contacted for a water or fire damage restoration project, the faster we can get started and this lowers the amount of damage to your home or commercial building. Many of the disasters above should be handled by trained experts as there are many cases of unknown damage and unknown risks that my be present. It is the Action 1 Restoration’s team of contractors to help you with this. We also provide insurance deductible assistance and make sure you ask about how we can help you with your insurance companies deductible. We are insurance specialists when it comes to mold, storm, water and fire damage restoration services in New Mexico.

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