Most Common Causes Of Water Damage

Water damage is something that occurs when excess water starts to develop and stagnate in areas where it should not be. A lot of different factors can come into play when it comes to the formation of this excess water. It is important to become aware of some of the most prevalent causes of water damage to ensure that you know which precautionary measures to take to protect against experiencing irreversible water damage in the future. This will also help allow you to be able to understand and spot the problem when it happens so you do not wait to long before it has a chance to cause further damage from being ignored. With water damage, the quicker you solve the problem, the less damage and work the restoration process will be. This typically means the less amount of money you are going to have to pay to fix it. Below we will list some of the major causes of water damage in your home. Learn more about the Action1Restoration water damage restoration services –

Major Causes Of Water Damage:

1. burst_pipe_repairPlumbing Supply System Failure – Burst or Broken Water Pipes One of the most common causes of water damage would have to be bursting and/or leaking pipes. A lot of drains and even toilets get clogged and/or backed up and they can cause a lot of pressure on the pipes. This can eventually lead to a pipe leak and/or burst which can stem into further problems if left untreated. Another common problem that many homeowners face is from their garbage disposals. Garbage disposals that are not working properly can end up causing the pipes to burst. The average cost of a plumbing supply system failure was more than $5,000 after the insurance deductible was paid, according to the IBHS study. Ways to Reduce Damage Potential indicators of a plumbing problem include an increased monthly water bill, banging pipes, rust stains, moisture in the walls or on floors, and signs of wet soil erosion near the foundation. Setting the thermostat 60 degrees or higher in winter months, letting faucets drip and insulating pipes are all ways to reduce the risk of frozen pipes. As a backup, install a house leak detection system. Based on a study performed by the IBHS found here. Another huge problem that can cause water damage and many homeowners a huge headache is plumbing problems. While a lot of different plumbing problems may occur within the walls and therefore are extremely difficult to detect, a lot of these problems result from pipe joints and/or hoses not being fully attached together. Also, a lot of the times they may get dislodged by accident.

2. sewage_cleanupToilet Failure Risks A review by the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety of homeowners’ insurance claims resulting from toilet failures submitted by multiple insurance companies around the country revealed: Toilet failures are the second leading source of residential water losses, after plumbing supply line failures. 78% of all toilet […]

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